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Re branding Fb Page. - Ktm Dainik - जे देख्छ, त्यही लेख्छ

Re branding Fb Page.

Hello Everyone,

Today we are going to announce that we are re branding one of our Facebook page.

The Facebook page (Ktm Quotes) having username @ktmquotes will be changed to Ktm दैनिक soon.

We are communicating with facebook to make this change after changing the page name New logo will also be announced soon.

The Main purpose of re branding is that we have got a lot of query regarding domain name and the name appear in IA, i.e when people logged into facebook from android or Iphone then our content will be displayed on Instant Article. But the name of Instant article shows (Ktm Quotes) for this website (i.e ktmdainik.com).

To make clear on this confusion we have decided to change its name to Ktm दैनिक, the last name Which is in Nepali Language i.e दैनिक means “Daily” on English language.

Founder :

Pawan Paudel
April 27, 2020

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